Chinese Yuan (CNY) to Naira Black Market Rate Today

How much is Yuan to Naira?

1 Chinese Yuan (CNY) to Naira Black Market Rate Today - is Naira

Today, the Naira Black Market exchange rate for 1 Chinese Yuan is Naira. This means that you can get Naira for every 1 Renminbi that you exchange. The Black Market Exchange rate is typically higher than the official exchange rate because it is not regulated by the government.

What Factors Affect the Yuan to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate?

There are a number of factors that can affect the Renminbi Black Market Exchange rate, including:

  • Supply and demand for the Renminbi
  • The political and economic situation in China and Nigeria
  • The value of the US dollar

How to find a Reputable Yuan Black Market Exchange Dealer?

If you are looking to exchange CNY for Naira, it is important to find a reputable dealer. You can find CNY to NGN Black Market dealers online or in person. However, it is important to be careful when exchanging currency on the Naira Black Market, as there is a risk of being scammed.

Tips for Exchanging Renminbi for Naira on the Black Market

  • Only exchange Renminbi (CNY) with reputable dealers.
  • Ask for a written receipt for the exchange.
  • Be aware of the current Renminbi to Naira Black Market Exchange rate before you exchange your currency.
  • Do not exchange large amounts of Yuan currency at once.

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Renminbi to Naira Black Market Currency Converter


Convert Chinese Yuan - Renminbi to Naira rate in the Black Market?

Here is an easy access to convert the China's Renminbi (Yuan) to Nigerian Naira using the Black Market Rates

Also you can convert the Nigerian Naira to Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Currency using this currency converter

Yuan to Naira Currency Conversion Table
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10 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
20 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
50 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
100 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
200 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
300 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
400 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
500 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
600 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
800 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
1000 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
5000 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
10000 Naira to Yuan (Renminbi)
Q: Does Aboki Forex Trade (Exchange) Currencies?
A: No, we do not trade any currency pair.
Q: How can I Exchange Currency?
A: Contact your local market or bank.
Q: Are the Black Market Rates accurate in all Markets?
A: No, we try to provide the average rates in the local markets. Since the market is not regulated, prices will vary.
Q: What is the difference between CBN, I&E and Black Market Rates?
A: The CBN rates are now the same with the I&E rates. The Black Market Rates differs.